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EPIC Legendary Cleaning Products

Go, get your clean on!

 All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser  
Commercial/Residential and Industrial use

Detroit Generated

Made In



Epic Spray Bottle Retail
Epic Spray Bottle Retail 16oz.
  • Works on stainless steel, grout, fiberglass, plastic, glass and even concrete!
Epic Heavy Duty
Epic Red Heavy Duty

1 Gallon

  • Use for heavy-duty cleaning such as Commercial facilities, food service equipment, marine            facilities, tractors, rail vehicles, and industrial cleaning

Epic Retail Refill
Epic Retail Refill

1 Gallon

  • Cleaner/Degreaser for light to regular strength  
  • Makes eight "Epic Legendary" 16 oz refills



My name is Lisa Glickoff and I am the co founder of Epic Legendary Cleaning Products

We are the industry leaders in the safest, most effective commercial and industrial grease cleaning solutions

When you think about tough stains, some of the hardest surfaces to get clean what comes to your mind?

Well let me tell you- Imagine you have access to a cleaner & degreaser so safe you can drink it! Not that you'd want to, but so strong it will clean with ease!

Stainless steel, grout, tile, marble, windows, food grade surfaces, automotive, marine, water stains, pet stains, oil stains- You name it! It will clean it!

Our biodegradable, ecofriendly, made in Detroit, woman owned product will hands down blow your mind!

From 16 oz to 335 gallon totes, individual retail & wholesale-We have you covered! 

Epic Legendary Cleaning Products

for that powerful Eco-friendly shine

choose Epic every time!

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